The ideal temperature range for brewing coffee is between 195 to 205 degrees fahrenheit.



The grind of your coffee is important in determining the flavor.  It is best to purchase whole beans and grind as close to brewing time as you can.

Use the proper grind for the type of brewing method you use.

  • French Press: Coarse

  • Espresso: Extra Fine

  • Chemex: About as coarse as kosher salt

  • Single-cup Pour over: About as fine as table salt

  • Aeropress: About as fine as table salt

If your coffee is bitter, your grind is probably too fine and are over extracting the bean.

If your coffee is flat and weak, your grind is probably too coarse and you are under extracting the bean



The strength of coffee is a personal choice.  These general guidelines will be a good starting place for a consistently good cup of coffee.  Adjust as you like to make your coffee stronger or lighter.

  • French Press: 8 tablespoons (56 grams) for an 8-cup press

  • Espresso: 3 tablespoons (19 - 21 grams) dependent on the size of your portafilter basket

  • Chemex: 6 tablespoons (42 grams) for a 40 ounce Chemex

  • Single-cup Pour over: 3 tablespoons (20 grams) for a 10 ounce mug

  • Aeropress: 1 rounded Aeropress scoop (17 grams)

Build a better cup

We are not Keurig users but we understand that many (MANY) of you are.  We offer our own single-serve pods in a recyclable packaging.  For those of you using your refillable basket, here are some suggestions for brewing:

  • Each basket is meant for a six ounce cup of coffee. 

  • If you are brewing 10 to 12 ounces, try grinding the coffee fine and use two baskets.

  • Fill your first basket and select the small cup.  Then do that again to fill your mug to the top.

  • Experiment as needed for grind and proportion until you achieve a strength you enjoy.

  • This will give you a better quality cup.  Otherwise your coffee may taste weak and flat.

What about the Keurig?

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